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Our Process

We focus on creating income for Apartment Building Investors, with the income / ROI we create exceeding what most investors expect. And doing that takes a disciplined, exact approach.

Earnest Harbin, CEO, ApartmentBuys

The “Safety” Factor

Syndicated Multifamily Investing is typically considered a “safe” investment by savvy accredited investors. This is due to the consistent demand for living space. People need places to live, regardless of the economy.

This realization is why our approach is a little more aggressive than most. With our investors, we buy select properties that we feel we can turn around and resell for a substantial profit in 3-7 years.

And during that 3-7 year period, the property will steadily gain value as it generates income, while also providing exceptional tax advantages to investors.

Step One: Define the Ideal Opportunity

Many investment firms find the property first. We don’t. Instead, we evaluate market conditions and economic factors to determine exactly the types of properties and circumstances that lead to the returns we expect. Our goal is to not hold the property, but to revitalize a property, realize passive income, and then sell the property. This causes us to invest in fewer properties than some of our colleagues, but our rate of return justifies this approach.

Step Two: Find Properties that Match

We seek to take advantage of Class C & B properties key sub-markets with strong fundamentals and moderate cap rates to maximize returns for our investors. We are on the constant lookout for properties that meet our criteria. They are not apparent, but they are out there.

Step Three: Vet

We do not invest in any property we do not thoroughly inspect and touch personally. Yes, this sometimes means a wasted trip to wherever the property is. That’s fine. We need to be sure, because our investors expect a higher rate of return.

Step Four: Purchase and Repurpose

This is where the magic really happens. It is akin to a work of art to take an undervalued asset and bring it to fruition, and to do such in a responsible manner that makes economic sense. We’ve forged relationships that allows us to renovate, reposition, and rebrand properties that consistently increase the value and cash flow. And the properties we buy, along with the neighborhoods they reside in, are better for it.

Step Five: Recurring Income

We take the time to stabilize the asset, and make it an attractive opportunity for someone else. And during this time (3-7 years), our investors enjoy a recurring passive income.

Step Six: Cash Out

Many firms stop at step five. We don’t. We’re here to give you a few years of passive income, then cash out and show you a return that, in most cases, averages 12-15% cash on cash, and 20% iir (internal rate of return).

Step Seven: Rinse and Repeat

We are constantly on the lookout for properties to invest in, and at any time could have one to four deals going at various stages of development. So opportunity abounds. These opportunities are individually offered to investors. Our methodology provides our limited partners with access to tax efficient, income producing properties they would never otherwise have access to. Our proven investment strategy has created consistent and exceptional investment performance across fluctuating economic cycles, by forcing growth and increasing equity value.

It bears repeating, at ApartmentBuys, we believe in one core principle above all else:

Risk And Reward Don’t Always Go Hand In Hand.

There can be exceptional reward with minimal risk. But these opportunities are not obvious, and they are not available to everyone. We’re all about lifting the velvet rope for our investors.

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