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This is a Passive Investment with an Active Company.

 Earnest Harbin, CEO, ApartmentBuys

For accredited investors, we offer an unmatched opportunity to earn returns that are above market average.

For our clients, the appeal is obvious – the opportunity to participate in Syndicated Apartment Investing, without any of the management, tenant relations, or rebranding work.

Our investors invest, and that’s ALL they need to do.

Their involvement after investing is to receive and enjoy the passive income the property generates, and then realize the gains at the end of the deal.

Who Are Our Investors?

Our investors are accredited investors from all walks of life. Many are professionals, like doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants.

Others are businesspeople, managers, or business owning entrepreneurs. And many are fellow real estate professionals.

The key trait they all share is they want to diversify their investment strategy with a high-return, historically recession-resistant investment that doesn’t involve throwing darts at the stock market.

If you’re an accredited investor looking for a better way, we’d be happy to talk to you.

The ApartmentBuys Benefit


Apartment properties are historically the most stable asset class in real estate. Especially Class C and B properties, as they are on the more affordable end of the rental spectrum, and always in high demand …

… no matter what the economy is doing!


Passive ownership of real estate can allow those without industry knowledge to successfully invest in real estate by leveraging the experience of ApartmentBuys. You can enjoy the benefits of ownership without the responsibilities of management.

Passive Income

Your investment generates passive income that doesn’t require you to trade time for money so you can spend more time doing what you love instead.

Note: Passive income is the HOLY GRAIL of investing!

Multiple Tax Advantages

Did you ever wonder why everyone else seems to get great tax benefits, except you? No more – syndicated real estate allows you to join the party. Your investment affords you exceptional tax benefits, and you will ultimately keep more of what you earn.


Not only do you receive the quarterly passive income, but investors typically realize exceptional long-term equity growth through principal paydown and asset appreciation.

Some quick details…

Investor Activity Level: Passive
Distribution Schedule: Quarterly
Reporting Schedule: Quarterly plus Annual K-1
Minimum Initial Investment: $50,000
Investor Qualification: Sophisticated and/or Accredited
New Investors: On approval basis
Exit Ability: Legal Provisions built in but not liquid
Hold Period: Deal by Deal Basis, Typical 3-7 years
Management Fee: Deal By Deal Specific, (fully disclosed)
Annual Average Return: Typical 10+%

Ready to partner with us?

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