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About Us

Apartmentbuys is a professional syndicated multifamily investment firm located in Atlanta, Georgia who works with accredited investors.

Our growing experienced team of professionals looks at each opportunity with a meticulous approach that’s combined with a proprietary, disciplined assessment of the numbers. Then we go a step further, analyzing economic patterns and social trends of the particular area, which allows us to work outside the box and find properties well-suited to our goals.

“Are we conservative? At times.

Are we aggressive? At times.

Are we successful? Indeed we are.”

Earnest Harbin, CEO, ApartmentBuys

Our deals typically take place in the US southeast, but we’d rather not limit ourselves geographically. One constant is we always, without fail, put extensive boots on the ground at the properties we’re considering.

Earnest Harbin

CEO & Founder

Apartmentbuys, LLC founder, Earnest Harbin, has spent his entire professional career focused on Real Estate which has shaped the company’s investment philosophy and attracted him to real estate investing as a viable investment partner that is trustworthy and dependable. A lifelong resident of Georgia, since he was 21-years-old he has been involved with construction and real estate investing. Initially he worked on framing crews, then owned and operated a successful painting company, then worked his way into small fix-and-flips, new home construction, and eventually multifamily investing.

Earnest launched his career in flipping single family homes and progressed into custom home building, with a combined total of roughly 100 homes, where he managed the renovation, ground-up construction, marketing, and sale of properties valued at $150K to $500K. He went on to build his first 88-unit multifamily apartment complex, owning and operating the business for two years prior to its eventual profitable disposition. Since that time, he has transacted property units totaling over 420 doors with value in excess of $25,000,000

Mr. Harbin accomplished all this with no outside investment of any kind but from hard work, tenacity, blood, sweat, and tears!

After divesting of his last hugely profitable multifamily investment in 2015, he took a brief hiatus from investing. He is now pivoting from independent investing to partnering with outside investors via joint ventures and syndication. With his new brand, Apartmentbuys, LLC, he seeks to incorporate others into his goal of building a long-term, scalable model of solid returns for himself and investors by taking advantage of access to capital that is simply unattainable through traditional banks and lenders.

Driving this work is his philosophy and mission to beautify his local surroundings, elevate the quality of life for the community and its residents, and provide above average returns for his investors and partners.

Mr. Harbin has set out to create a culture and philosophy to help others experience the American Dream with a concept called “Rebuild America” with Apartmentbuys, LLC–a value-oriented approach to buying and operating income property.


To positively impact our country and our local communities by re-energizing low and underperforming properties, which generates maximum earnings and revenues and provides exceptional value to our shareholders and investors.


To be a trusted and reliable Investment Partner, providing community-driven property solutions nationwide to our residents. Along each step of each project, our firm works to create and sustain shareholder value by uniquely evaluating the risk and reward in projects that don’t fit standard investment channels. By doing so, our group of Investors will profit as we rebuild America one community at a time.


We thoughtfully shape our strategy and solve challenging problems through collaboration. We strive to be creative, always open to new ideas, and operate openly and transparently with our investors. We also want to be a good neighbor, one who is welcomed every time our firm engages a new neighborhood and begins to rebuild.

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DISCLAIMER: Not an offer of securities. Under no circumstances should any material on this site or on our social media accounts be considered as an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy an interest in any investment property or fund managed by Apartmentbuys, LLC. Any selected property/fund summaries set forth herein are presented for informational purposes only and/or to highlight Apartmentbuys, LLC's investment capabilities. Apartmentbuys, LLC is not a registered broker, dealer, investment advisor, investment manager or registered funding portal. All security offerings are only available to “Accredited Investors." Past performance is not a guarantee, or an indication, of future performance.

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