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“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep,
you will work until you die.


Join our ApartmentBuys Investor Network

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

“Return-focused syndicated multifamily investing is one of the best investments available, especially when viewed from a risk-reward lens.”

Earnest Harbin, CEO, ApartmentBuys

ApartmentBuys is a real estate investment company focused on the acquisition, development, management and repositioning of Apartment project opportunities in South East and key US markets.

opportunistic returns

An uncompromising acquisition process and experienced repurposing strategy leads to returns that often exceed double digits cash on cash.

disciplined approach

We exhaustively vet Class B and C multifamily properties, and find incredible opportunities for exceptional returns.

industry expertise

Our proven process allows us to maximize the incredible risk vs. reward potential that syndicated multifamily investing offers.

partnership opportunities

We also work with other Syndicated Investment Firms. A meeting, even to exchange ideas, is always beneficial. If you’d like to talk, we’re game.

A calculated risk is the BEST KIND.

When investors discuss Syndicated Multifamily Investing, the top two phrases are “passive income” and “safe”. And that’s great, because both are generally true. But take that second word: “safe”. Due to the recession-resistant nature of most apartment complexes, we feel that a higher, faster rate of investor return is possible, and we’ve developed the means to uncover and generate it.

It’s not rocket science. It’s experience combined with opportunity.

What We Do

Our Focus

We focus on creating income for ApartmentBuys Investors. We partner with sophisticated and/or accredited investors looking for a stable, yield producing investment with significant tax advantages.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our investors with opportunities to achieve multi-generational wealth through passively investing in Apartment Buildings.

Our Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is to take advantage of key sub-markets with strong fundamentals and moderate cap rates to maximize returns for our investors.

Opportunities are individually offered to investors; providing limited partners with access to a full range of tax efficient income producing properties. Our proven investment strategy has created consistent and exceptional investment performance across fluctuating economic cycles, by forcing growth and increasing equity value–increasing value through forced appreciation.

“At apartmentbuys, we believe in one core principle above all else:

risk and reward don’t always go hand in hand.”

Earnest Harbin, CEO, ApartmentBuys

Though few and far between, there exist uniquely-positioned properties whose high potential for return far exceeds their moderate risk.

These are the deals we acquire. These are the gems. 💎

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